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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Trip to Southend

You know it's spring when your days start earlier, the clocks go forward and you're left with an hour less sleep! So anyways, I woke up Sunday morning and it was nice and sunny. Hmm. What to do? I know! Eureka. Let's drive down to Southend and make the most of the rest of this glorious weekend. Somehow, it didn't quite happen this way.

The drive down was pleasant enough. Barely any traffic and the sun was still giving us a smile here and there but by the time we were pulling up to the sea front, I started to see clouds. Lots and lots and lots of clouds. 'Don't worry' I told myself, 'it's just a lull, the sun'll come back'. Note to self: do not waste time on positive thinking. Nevertheless, I parted with my parking fee and began to deal with the first order of business. I pulled my phone out, opened the Foursquare app and checked in. know you do it too! What I intended to be a leisurely stroll along the beach soon turned into a brisk walk as the chill seeped in. I was getting increasingly desperate to pile into the nearest centrally heated building. I wasn't built for the cold. However, the camera-phone-photographer in me had other ideas. He couldn't help but snap a few pics of the architecture. And then of course get a few of the family since we had already made the drive down :)

Check out that huge grin.

I stupidly let myself be convinced by the rest of the family that it was 'going to be a nice day' and 'no' I '...wouldn't need that jacket'. It was 'far too warm for that'. This'll be the last time I listen to that lot I promise you! So after snapping a few cheesy, touristy photos, we headed for the nearest fish and chip cafe on the seafront only to realise that we should've taken cash out beforehand. No one was accepting cards. So we trekked in the direction of the shopping centre to find a cashpoint but soon gave up on the idea of lunch by the beach and dived into the nearest Wetherspoons. All in all, we had a good day. I know it's a cliche but it was nice to have a day out with the family.

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How did you spend the weekend?

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