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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hollywood Director James Cameron

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Got a link for you to check out: Link. Or if, like me, you're not the keenest reader, click play and watch away!

Guys you best watch this space in the next coming days and weeks. This dude, James Cameron is taking movie making to a whole new level. It's exciting. He could die doing this incredible but daredevil leap into uncharted territories. 7 miles underwater. The deepest known point on the planet. Damn. That's bravery. Truly admirable. I should probably feel sorry for the guy but let's not lie. I can't wait to sit back with my salty popcorn and watch the footage he will beam back to the surface from the Deep Abyss.

Below are some extraordinary images of the Abyss.

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Mission accomplished. James Cameron made it to the Abyss. Can't wait for the results.1: Link 2: Link

Watch The Return of James Cameron. So exciting to imagine what he has just achieved.

Listening to the initial review of the the Abyss from James Cameron felt a bit disappointing because my  expectations were too high. Expected to hear that "i saw a Giant Alien Squid " or something. From what  I gathered so far the Abyss is barren, dead and almost lifeless but I know there is life down there and obviously I have to be patient, wait for the footage to be compiled from the several complex camera's mounted on the craft and also its only the first dive . However I appreciate what he has accomplished having made a successful dive to the Abyss. I have no doubt James will teach us something new about the Abyss.

To listen to the brief interview after his return click the Link

 NB! added 28/03/12

A brief video of the Abyss by James Cameron.

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Be sure to follow this daredevil documentary and adventure. Let's all comment and discuss the new things that we will be seeing!  

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