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Monday, 23 April 2012

A Spontaneous Day Trip to Liverpool

I've done my fair share of in-land travelling. I've seen a quite a bit of the UK: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, Southampton, Isle of Wight, Lancaster, Blackpool, even Scotland! Figured it was about time I ventured to Liverpool. And I've got a friend up there I haven't seen in years so it was about time I paid him a visit. Thursday night I was umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether it was worth going all the way up there just for a day and then worrying about the weather but before I knew it, my computer screen was showing 'Your Virgin Train tickets will be ready for collection in 2 hours'. Oops. That's what you get for registering to One-Click ordering. 

Friday morning, armed with my camera, extra batteries for my mobile, and a packet of Jaffa cakes (we were late for the train so we had to skip breakfast), we were off. Even if the weather sucked, there was no way I wasn't gonna enjoy the train journey. 2 hours and 8 mins on the Virgin Pendolino Train. Who doesn't love those trains? Yeah, I'm weird like that.

There were three of us going and luckily we had managed to get table seats so we spent the time goofing around and taking photos. The guy who was sharing the booth with us wasn't so amused. Within about 20mins, he'd had about s much as he could take and he moved to sit somewhere else. By midday, we were at Liverpool Lime Street. I didn't think it was the greatest of stations but just outside the station doors, we were greeted by a grand building that was the Liverpool museum on the right, the giant radio tower on the left and somewhere in the middle an old church tower building. The architecture had me captivated. I was in love with this city already. I couldn't help but ask myself why it had taken me so long to see this city! No wonder it was the European City of Culture 2008.

There was a lot to see but our time was limited and the weather soon changed. Within a couple of hours, the clouds reared their ugly heads and the rain was showing no mercy. Before too long, it was time to get back on the train and head home, but not before a helping of Nandos. Nandos is just something else. I honestly don't think it's over-hyped. It doesn't matter where you go, there's always a 20-30min queue, but people will always wait rather than dive into the Pizza Express or Frankie & Bennys or whatever next door. 

I'm sure it won't be long before I head back to Liverpool, but next time I'll definitely give myself a couple of days to look around. Liverpudlians and visitors of Liverpool, what do you think?

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