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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Going Organic

My Herbs.
Ever walked down the fruit aisle in your local supermarket and noticed how much nicer the organic fruit looks? I swear they do it on purpose. I find myself eyeing up a pack of apples -all red, and shiny and perfectly round- before I realise I'm looking at the organic pack which costs about £2.50 for a measly 4 apples. Then I look over at the 'value' pack sitting right next to it -no less tasty I'm sure- but nowhere near as pretty as their organic counterparts.Yeah, £2.50 isn't gonna break the bank but who can afford to choose organic over non-organic through all the aisles in Tesco? 

Sun Flower for my sunflower seeds and its beauty.

Overview of my Garden 

Few Plums on the tree.

A closer look at the Spinach and Peas.

Sweet potato and Salad plants.

Oh, and what are the health/nutrition benefits anyway? 
I know, I know, no pesticides. And after a bit of reading, I learned that organic produce has up to 30% more antioxidants, which promote immune and heart health. I could do with some of that, which is why I've decided to take matters into my own hands.

This year I'm going all self-sufficient. I haven't got much room in the garden but I'll cram as many crops as I can into little space I've got. I'm almost a month into my project so I just thought I'd show all you garden lovers how I'm getting on. 

Below are few pictures of my best flowers.

Anyone else got any garden projects they're undertaking for the summer? I'd love to see!

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