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Monday, 12 March 2012

David Attenborough

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I thought I should talk about one of my role models - a man that truly inspires me, Sir David Attenborough. I'm sure most people already know him from his TV documentaries (on nature) and perhaps some of you have had the pleasure of meeting this influential man?

In my eyes, Sir Attenborough is up there with the other inspirational individuals of our time - people like Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, J. K. Rowling and the late Steve Irwin. Over the years, I have religiously followed his documentary series especially The Life Series. I am yet to find someone who can present such a great deal of understanding on the subject in such a down-to-earth way and with a voice which is so in tune with the subjects he interacts with.

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The sheer passion and dedication he gives to his profession is unparalleled. David's rivals in the world of nature documentaries pale in comparison. Don't get me wrong. I love them all. But he is by far my favourite. He highlights the connections between the natural world and our own. Sir Attenborough has opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of our planet that is not always recognised as much as it should be. David identifies the traits we associate with man and shows how these are no different in the animal world. Rivalry is competition, ambition is survival, ownership is territory, sex is mating, commitment is loyalty, family is being part of the herd. This all seems pretty straightforward, right? When it comes to plants, he shows how even their lives are a series of decisive motions. In our own day to day lives it's hard to think of them as anything other than something pretty that sits on the windowsill or a bit of green to brighten up the garden. Attenborough shows how their colours, their scents, their textures are all determined according to their environment and their need to survive.

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I applaud the man. I really do. His work sure isn't easy. I can't even begin to imagine the difficulties involved. The film 'Escape from Alcatraz' comes to mind. If you haven't seen it, picture being locked inside a prison with your own hope of escaping relies on you digging an escape tunnel armed only with a kitchen fork!

I have made a short video to demonstrate the passion i am now developing.I have also learned to have a keen eye to my surrounding and appreciate amazing things happening without anyone taking any notice.


Anyone else as much of a fan as me?

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