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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Top Planes

You would be quite right to assume that I like planes. I like planes a lot. Ok, so I won’t be flying one anytime soon (although this doesn’t stop me dreaming) but I try to get my fix anyway I can. I must have seen every episode of Air Crash Investigation and every aircraft-related episode of MegafactoriesSuperstructures, Breaking Up The Biggest ever aired. I could go on and on about how the plane is the greatest invention of modern times, how amazing it is that something so huge can get off the ground and how beautiful they are. That's right. I did just say beautiful. The smooth curvature...the way they move. Don't know why it's only boats that are referred to as 'she'. What can I say? I'm an enthusiast.

Wright Brothers' First Flight. Image From: Link 

We've come quite a way since the first airplane - an altitude of 10ft and a distance of 120ft. It's a safe bet that the Wright Brothers would be more than a little shocked at how we roll these days. Had to start somewhere though right?

Figured I'd show you a few of my favourites. Ready for the countdown?

At no. 6 we have the Concorde.
Such a shame it was scrapped. Easily one of the best planes ever made. Needless to say, it had a sleek and slim design and speed unrivalled in the aircraft world, except for the space shuttle of course! It was the only commercial supersonic airliner in the world. Only 20 were made. Like I said, such a shame that between France and the UK, they couldn't save this plane. Not necessarily as a profitable venture, but just for pride.

Concorde. Image From: Link

Concorde. Image From: Link 

In at no. 5 is the Space Shuttle. All five of them. They've gone to space and back...I couldn't very well leave them out of my top 6!

Space Shuttles. Image From: Link

At No. 4 we have the Stealth F-22 Raptor. This one almost looks like something out of Star Trek!

Stealth F-22 Raptor. Image From: Link

They look similar, no? Image From: Link

No. 3 is the Airbus A380. This is the way to fly. With 50% more floor space this means comfort. Just ask the Saudi prince, al-Waleed bin Talal, whose custom-built private Airbus A380 comes with a steam room, a Turkish bath, a concert hall, a boardroom and his own luxury suite. And there's me hoping for that the air hostess in Economy will take a shine to me and hand me an extra packet of peanuts!

Airbus A380. Image from: Link

Now we're getting somewhere! At No. 2 is the Boeing 747-8. The 747 series is the most well-known on the planet. The 747-8 model has been long awaited as it was delivered a year after the expected date but oh well, I can't wait to get myself on one!

Boeing 747-8. Image From: Link 

Boeing 747-8. Image From: Link

And the big no. 1. Who else but the Antonov 225? There's only one in the world. The world's largest and heaviest plane - and also the reason I am writing this post. How this gets off the ground is beyond me. It really is. Anything weighing 640 tonnes gliding through the air is laughable. And yet it does.

Antonov 225. Image From: Link

Check this out. The amazing shuttle landing. Hard to imagine how this thing gets up to speeds of 25,000mph! Just imagine...some dude engineered this thing. Oh to be that engineer!

Check out this Jet. A fan send me this image.

image from: Link 

As you might have gathered from a previous post, whenever I'm at the airport -taking a flight myself or just dropping someone off- I can't help but make myself comfortable in the hope of spotting a 747 or an A380! Anyone else the same? 

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